D4N supports the use of Drosophila melanogaster for scientific teaching, learning and research in Nigeria

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What We Do

We engage the Nigerian scientific community with Drosophila research workshops and benchworks.

We provide or facilitate the provision of fruit flies and culture formula from our mini-stock center and partners.

We organize routine outreach to schools and institutions to meet our core desire for scientific literacy in Nigeria.


Active Drosophila Labs/Farms Near You

Why You’ll Love The Fruit-fly

D. melanogaster, first described by Meigen in 1830, originates from sub-Saharan Africa. There has never been a better time for the fly to return home to roost. It is an incredible model for reinventing science. With a little help from our insect friends, 10 Nobel laureates have made breakthroughs in a vast range of topics (in physiology or medicine). You may be the eleventh!

  • Its cheap
  • Has huge genetic similarities to us
  • Deeply understood biology
  • Its life-time flies faster
  • No need for lullabies, just some ice!


The London Fly Meeting

The London Fly Meeting is proud to host a special lecture on December 7th (5.30pm GMT) showcasing the wonderful work from TReNDinAfrica and DrosAfrica using Drosophila to promote research and education in Africa. Details on the flyer above. Zoom link: click here Meeting ID: 651 9997 6556 Passcode: 085444

Research laboratory

Are you looking for a laboratory where you can carry out your research with ease, do your internship (or send your students for one), perform your benchwork research and supported by experience researchers locally in Nigeria? Check out the newly established lab at: https://biortc.com.


“We can plan an experiment on a fruit fly and have the result in three weeks. In a mouse that could take a year”

Andreas Prokop

“It’s almost as if they were designed to help scientists”

Steve Jones

“time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana”

Groucho Marx